Gifts and Bequests

We are happy to acknowledge that the funds and artifacts of the Monticello College Foundation have been augmented by gifts and bequests received during the year.

All gifts are gratefully received. Monetary gifts and bequests are used to increase the Foundation’s ability to assist women’s education.

In 2010 the Foundation received 10 works of art from the law firm of Chapman and Cutler in Chicago. The works of art had been willed to Monticello College by Theodore Chapman in 1943 and housed in the law firm’s office since that time. Several of the pieces were sold at auction and the monies added to the Foundation’s portfolio.

The Monticello College Cornerstone from Caldwell Hall constructed in 1889 was opened and the contents of a time capsule removed in October 2012. The artifacts are currently housed at The Evergreens.

In 2015, one of the Chapman works of art, a bronze maquette of Abraham Lincoln by Daniel Chester French was gifted to Lewis and Clark Community College.

In 2017, Carol A. Kempske made a gift of $5,000 to create the Carol A. Kempske Scholarship for Women. This scholarship covers tuition, fees, books and supplies for a student working towards an Associates of Arts degree at Lewis & Clark Community College.

Memorabilia of Monticello College’s early years are carefully preserved, either as part of our permanent display at The Evergreens, or as additions to the Monticello manuscript collection at the Illinois State Historical Library in Springfield.