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Furthering Women's Education



To be eligible for a Monticello College Foundation grant, a project must have the potential to make a genuine, effective contribution to the advancement of education for women. Where applicable, the grant recipient should be able to assure continuance of a successful project after the termination of the grant.

Professional educational associations, agencies servicing women's education and all accredited degree-granting two and four-year colleges and universities are eligible to apply for grants providing the entity:
  1. is qualified as tax-exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or corresponding provisions of any subsequent Federal tax law;
  2. does not fall within the definition of a private foundation;
  3. was organized and operates within the 50 states or the District of Columbia. Grants are made to the applying institution or organization; individuals are not eligible to apply.
An institution or organization that is tax exempt and is not a private foundation may apply by submitting an outline of the project it proposes. Preferably, the outline should not be longer than two typewritten pages and should contain the following:
  1. Name of institution or association; name, title, address and telephone number of chief executive officer and of person to be in charge of project;
  2. Title of project for which funding is sought;
  3. Brief description of the project; an analysis of the need for funds and the proposed objective, personnel and financial resources available and/or need required;
  4. Signature of chief executive officer.
In addition, the applicant should supply the following:
  1. one-page description of the institution or organization, including a brief history and current factual data on finances, enrollment, endowment, etc., and
  2. documentation of tax status. (1 copy)
Eighteen (18) copies of all materials are required. (Proposals may be stapled, but please do not place proposals in folders or other binders.)

Applicants whose proposals cannot be considered for grants will be notified as soon as possible. Applicants whose projects are selected for further consideration may be asked to submit more details.

Proposals are received on a continuing basis. However, to allow for preliminary screening and Grants Committee review, proposals should be received no later than February 28 for consideration at the spring Board meeting and no later than August 31 for consideration at the fall Board meeting.

Unfortunately, limited funds make it impossible to support every request, and many proposals which have merit and which fall within the above guidelines must be declined.